The following advice and instructions on how to operate and maintain your townhouse is presented by “Mr. Fix-it”, Tom Feiza, P.E. – Tom is a registered professional engineer (PE, BSME) with over 30 years of construction and engineering management experience. He’s known as “Mr. Fix-It” to loyal readers, callers to his weekly radio show, viewers for his TV appearances and audiences at home shows and conventions.  But during the week, Tom Feiza is a building inspector with over fourteen years and 5,000 inspections under his belt.  He has published books on home repair: How To Operate Your Home, Home Journal, Home Systems Guide, Basic Home Systems and Just Fix It.  His radio call-in show on AM620 WTMJ draws in over 45,000 listeners each hour.

List of Topics:

Getting to Know your Town home:

Page 1: The Walk Trough before Closing: Info & Documents to ask from the townhouse seller & broker before you go to Closing. Click here…

Page 1: Local Garbage Recycling Rules
[For NYC Recycling rules, Click here: Recycling in NYC]

Page 2: Things to do As Soon As you Move In to Your New Home. Click here…

Page 3: Look for Smoke Detectors, Fire Extinguishers and Flammable Storage. Click here…

Page 4: Locate your Main Utility Shut-off Valves and test Garage Door Operation. Click here…

Environmental & Safety Concerns:

Page 1: Lead-based Paint – Click Here…

[Also see: Lead-Based Paint in NYC and The NYC Lead-Paint Law. ]

Page 2: Asbestos Containing Materials [ACM] – Click Here…

[Also See: Asbestos Material Explanation ]

Page 3: Carbon Monoxide – A Poisonous Gas. – Click Here…

[Also See: NYC Carbon Monoxide Detector Requirements. ]

How to Understand and Operate Your Residential Electrical System

Types of Residential Heating Systems, Air-Conditioning and Utilities:

Types of Heating Systems:

For Steam Radiators Heating System: Go to Pages 12 – 13 Click Here

[Also, For NYC Steam Boilers See: Heating Boiler Start-up Check List

Equipment Maintenance Check-List

For Hot-Water Radiators Heating System: Go to Pages 10 – 11 Click Here

[Also For NYC Hot Water Boilers See: Equipment Maintenance Check-List ]

For Forced-Air Heating System – See Pages 1-10:

For Residential Type, Central Air-Conditioning System – See Pages 14 – 16:

Additional Information for Air-Conditioning Systems:

Air-Conditioning Pre-Season Start-Up Check Up List.

Air-Conditioning End-Of-Season Check-up List

[Also, For tips on installing Window-mounted Air ConditionersClick Here. ]

For Heat Pumps & Warm Air Heating System – Pages 16 – 17:

For Distribution Ducts for Warm Air Heating & Central Air-conditioning – Pages 17 – 20

For Other Heating & AC Equipment Care Manuals See: HVAC Equipment Care Manuals

Tips for Townhouse, Brownstone, Coop and Condo Unit Buyers in New York City
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