Our diversified real estate experience includes work in the areas of property inspection valuation, engineering reports, building defects forensic investigation reports, building management consulting, property rehabilitation projects, use conversions, design specifications, project management, construction supervision and budget administration.

As a principal of the firm, Mr. Sherbansky’s past experience and recent accomplishments from small to large projects include the following types of work:

  • Assist a Coop association board in preparation of Local Law 11 of 1998, Exterior Walls Inspection for a multi-family high rise and in filing of the Inspection Report with the NYC Department of Buildings.
  • Assist a Goldman Sachs partner in purchasing a $10+ million apartment on Madison Avenue by performing a Pre-purchase Inspection, search for violations, obtaining records of prior apartment renovations and preparation of an Inspection Report.
  • Curing and filing for dismissal of 28 ECB & DOB violation notices for a management company of a 4-story, 48 units, multi-family rental building in Brooklyn. This work included representation of the owner at the City’s Environmental Control Board [ECB] Court.
  • Assist a townhouse owner [a prominent fashion model] in the West Village to investigate and eliminate the sources of water leaks and cause of structural cracks to the building.
  • Assist the largest Condominium owner of a Trump building on Central Park South, in combining four Condo units into a single 5000 sq.ft. apartment. The work included preparation and filing of floor plans with the NYC Department of Buildings.
  • Assist several prominent landlords in the City to file engineering reports published in offering plans of Condominium and Cooperative building conversion projects in the City and in formulating Major Capital Improvement Reserve budgets.
  • Completion of plans to combine two Certificates of Occupancy of adjacent buildings on the Upper West Side into one and construction of a penthouse apartment on the roofs of both buildings.
  • Assist the Red Cross Organization with forensic investigation report in defense of a trip & fall accident occurring at the Red Cross headquarters on Amsterdam Avenue.
  • Completion of a façade restoration, parapet rebuilding and roofing replacement project of a multi-family building in Brooklyn. The work included preparation of design drawings and specifications, selection of a contractor, preparation of agreement between owner and contractor and supervision of the work to completion.
  • Assist a prominent law firm representing Lowes Theaters to investigate the source of carbon monoxide fumes emanating from an adjacent parking garage into their cinemas.
  • Assist a religious school with forensic investigation in defense of a trip & fall accident occurring at their 4-story school and synagogue building in Boro Park, Brooklyn.
  • Assist the prominent law firm of Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP in filing survey drawings with the NYC Surveyor’s Office to combine several zoning lots in Manhattan and convert into a single zoning lot.
  • Assist several prominent banks, including Citibank and CPC, in construction supervision and progress requisition inspections of large scale, gut-rehabilitation projects in Manhattan and the Bronx.
  • Assist as consultant for the City in planning, design and construction supervision of low income housing projects in the Bronx.
  • Assist in development planning and preparation of approved plans for construction of a row of semi-detached private townhouses in Weehawken, NJ.
  • Assist in development planning and preparation for construction of a 35-Unit private residential building and parking structure in North Bergen, NJ.
  • For Additional information about our achievements and work, see the following webpages: about our company, Inspection Reports and Forensic Investigations.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding our services.
Rudi O. Sherbansky, P.E.