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Waterproofing and Roofing Materials

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Manufacturers’ Specifications, Application Manuals and Installation Guides:

Duro-Last – Single-ply thermoplastic [TPO] Roofing System

Firestone Roofing – Manufacturer of Asphalt, EPDM & TPO roofing materials.

Firestone – Rigid Roofing Insulation [Polyiso]

Firestone / Una-Clad – Sheet metal and Copper Roofing Systems

GAF – Manufacturer of Roofing Materials and Roofing Shingles

GAF – Exterior Wall Stone Veneer System

GAF – Roof Metalwork, Metal Vents, registers, Ducts & stacks

Telling – Exterior Walls Stone Cladding System

Island International – Fabricators of Exterior Curtain Wall Systems

Panorama – Safety & Energy Efficient Window Tinting Films

Anci Group – Maker of Rubber Floor Tiles and Matting

Avanti – Maker of Interior Glass Walls